What’s New on Google Analytics?

If you haven’t already been engaging with Google Analytics, what are you waiting for? The latest array of updated tools will make every business website owner a pro at analysing their data. Here are just four of the newest features for Google Analytics.

Social Media Reports

How easy is it to keep track of your business’s social media presence? As any active business owner will tell you – not very! Google Analytics’ new Social section allows you to see how you’re doing through popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so you can plan ahead for future strategies.

Report Sharing

With this new feature from Analytics, sharing your findings becomes a breeze as you can create reports which can be emailed or shared as PDFs. Email reports can be sent out at regular daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals.

Plot Rows

If you’re currently using Analytics, you’ll already be able to see the graph overview of your site’s performance on your reports. The new Plot Rows feature allows you to make a side-by-side comparison of two rows and see their impact on your overall web traffic. This is great for seeing how your traffic may increase or decrease over time.

Event Goals

Following on from 2009’s Engagement Goals, Event Goals allow users to see not only how long someone spends on their site, but what they’re spending time doing. See how many people are downloading your PDFs, watching your videos or engaging with your Adobe Flash objects with this useful tool.

With these new features and many more, Google Analytics is taking the next step in analysing website data. Try them out today! And don’t forget, as of this month the old reports will stop, so make sure you get your new ones set up ASAP!

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