The Importance of Copywriting for the Web

The Importance of Copywriting for the WebAttracting and converting visitors is the key to a successful website.  Copywriting for the web plays an essential role in this process.  Let’s take a look at these factors and examine why copywriting for the web differs from copywriting for printed material:

Attracting Customers

SEO copywriting means writing search engine friendly content.  Before a customer even arrives at your website, you can help boost the chance of your site ranking higher in a search engine by writing copy that appeals to the search engines.  Do this by using relevant keywords that are strategically placed.  It’s important not to overuse keywords or just stuff them anywhere; the copy has to make sense and be relevant to humans as well as the search engines.

Converting Customers

Once you’ve attracted customers to your site, you’ll want to keep and convert them.  No matter how snazzy the design of the website, customers at some point will either leave or take action.  Conversion ultimately hinges on copywriting; customers will take action because of something they have read.  Here are some top tips to improving your online copy to aid conversion:

  • People read websites differently to printed matter – they skim a page and decide whether to stay on a site within seconds, so keep to the point and break up text using headings and bullet points.
  • Give links or downloads to more information so that customers can easily find out more. This is helpful when customers are starting out on their purchasing journey and conducting research.  This also helps to alleviate fears if the product or service is a high value item.
  • Grab the attention of customers with a strong title.
  • Don’t use jargon or clichés.  Your customers want clear, easy to understand copy.
  • Keep it professional.  Badly written or incorrect copy gives a bad impression about your company.  If necessary, employ a copywriter.
  • Think about the target audience and what it is they want, and then sell through your writing.
  • Do this by talking about up the benefits of the product or service rather than just describing the features.
  • Use strong calls to action that are clear and compelling.  E.G. Order now and save 10%.  
  • Use a range of written tools to help reinforce calls to action including – testimonials or reviews from previous customers, offering guarantees which lowers the risk to purchasing and highlighting the urgency of the offer.
  • Linking designers with copywriters when considering the calls to action on your website can be powerful.  The position, colour and font of a button can all help aid conversion.

Good copywriting for the web can both attract customers to your site and convert them.  The key is to write clear, concise copy using relevant keywords which presents the products or services in an interesting way to customers and appeals to their needs or emotions.


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