The Benefits of Online PR and How to Go About It

PR has traditionally always been an offline marketing communication tool, however as online content becomes more important and as social media grows ever powerful, so we are seeing PR growing more online and blurring with the other elements such as SEO.

The principles of PR are the same online as they are offline: seeking to influence or change the perceptions about a product, brand or company. Online PR will therefore include the management of online communications and includes developing and managing aspects such as company websites, blogging strategies, social media interaction, interactive press releases and email newsletters.

As with offline PR, you will need to ensure your content has a tone that is relevant to your business and your brand. If you need help, look to hire a professional website copywriter.

The Benefits of Online PR

  • Online PR can drive traffic to your website. If a story is newsworthy or compelling enough, it can increase the number of visitors to your site quite substantially.
  • By creating interesting stories online, PR can enhance the awareness of your brand.
  • SEO can be boosted by generating links to your website and also enhancing the authority of your site.
  • Online PR can provide a way for customers and individuals to directly engage with a company who are interested in their brand or product.
  • Online PR can position a company as an authoritative voice in its industry.

How to Drive PR Online

  • It is essential to monitor what is being said online about your company and where these conversations are taking place so that you can move onto the next stage.
  • You then need to create fresh content that can be posted online which is relevant and is of interest to your target audience. Fresh content will draw people back again and again as well as raising your profile. An online copywriter can help you with creating engaging written pieces.
  • If you are writing an online press release, embed links within your story that send traffic back to your website or blog.
  • Use keywords within your online content so that your story will get picked up when people search for something similar online. Your website agency or web copywriter can help to source and research your keywords.
  • Your press release or content needs to be targeted. There are hundreds of niche online magazines and websites that will be willing to accept your content, but make sure it’s relevant and interesting to your target market.
  • Share your stories, content and press releases across your social media sites.

Online PR is blurring with other online marketing activities, but the benefits of distributing newsworthy stories and content throughout the web are obvious to see. Your marketing team may already have PR strategies in place and they should by now be working online too.

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