Spread the Word! Some Sound Advice From Ollie

In past posts I talked about the benefits of including a news section on your site, preferably one that you, or your copywriter, can access and update easily. You may only add a couple of lines or a whole post – either way you’re keeping your site current and (hopefully) keeping your subscribers and casual viewers entertained. That’s great but how can you be sure that your updated site is reaching as many readers as possible?

Here are a few (tried and tested) ways to get that news out there:

Content that Counts
This has to be the most important piece of advice. If your site is consistently engaging and well-written then your readers will keep coming back for more. Entertain your visitors and they’ll be loyal to your site. Competition for clicks is fierce so make sure once you’ve attracted a reader your content is good enough to keep them on the page!

Keep Subscribers Clued up!
Keep your list of subscribers up to date with regular e-mails. Your army of subscribers is a different group to those that get your blog via e-mail, so you should be getting out to a whole new group of people. Members of your list probably don’t access your pearls of wisdom on social media and may only dip in and out of your site. Make your news bulletin e-mails count, and chances are they’ll become loyal visitors.

Share and Share Alike
Social media has to be the fastest way to get your news out there. Facebook and Twitter really count in the communication stakes. Don’t think that’s so? Take a look at any of this year’s big news stories and see how they went global on Twitter before they even reached any news feeds. All the sites including LinkedIn also allow you to link your blog to your profile for maximum coverage.

Meet Your Blogging Neighbours
The blogging community is a close one; links to your site on another popular blog will add kudos to you and really increase your readership. Become a ‘guest blogger’ on another site that appeals to you. Make sure that you return the favour too and keep that community spirit up! Teaming up with other bloggers will widen your circle of readers considerably – and you’ll be giving your fellow bloggers’ clicks a boost too. Win, win!

The Power of the RSS Button
Regular readers who subscribe to your blog through an RSS feed may not be consistent visitors to the actual site, they will however be more likely to read your latest offerings when they drop in the inbox. If a post interests them they’re more likely to visit the site too. Make sure that your RSS button is visible on your homepage and it’ll attract more subscribers.

You’ve taken the time to write and update your site – make sure it gets out there to as many people as you can!

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