Solve a Problem, Create a Sales Opportunity!

Last month I wrote a note on five ways to start a sales letter. A few people had told me that making a compelling start to a letter was a real problem for them, so I decided to help solve that problem – I hope it worked for you!

Think for a moment about problems in your everyday life that need solving, either at work or at home. Maybe you have some friends coming over at the weekend you’d love to impress by serving up a gourmet meal, but you have neither the time nor the expertise to deal with it. Or perhaps at work you know you’ve got to get that mailshot out, but you’ve no idea where to start with the printing, sorting, collating and sending.

So if you were sitting on the train, or opened the newspaper, and saw an advert: ‘Gourmet Meals Prepared and Delivered to your Door’, you’d probably think, ‘right, I’m having that!’ and that it’s solved all your weekend entertaining problems in one hit.

And then a mailer lands in your inbox, or you happen upon an advert in a business magazine. “Mail Management: We’ll Take the Pain out of Your Mailing Campaign Leaving you free to get on with your Working Day.” Without a doubt, you’ll be picking up the phone to find out more. Why? Because it’s problem solved.

Identify an Issue, Come up with a Solution – and You’re Away!

At some point, someone who can cook well has discovered that there are people out there who could do with their help. So they’ve set out to solve their problem by getting a hot cooked food delivery service going. And someone who knows only too well the pain faced by admin managers charged with the task of getting mailshots out the door has put together a package that takes the pressure off them.

It’s all about problem solving. Identify an issue, come up with a solution, market it well to those you know are affected by the problem, and you’re away!

What Problems do your Customers Face?

What problems do your customers face? If you’re not sure, ask them! Either chat to them, include a poll in your newsletter or run one via LinkedIn or Facebook. Once you know the issues that bother them, you can set about working out whether you can offer a solution. And do you think they’ll thank you for it? They sure will!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

At Yellow Duck, we do what we love. For the last 6 years, we start every day with a very simple goal. To talk with each of our clients to discover what they need, to use our experience to find the solution that is right for them and to always improve and innovate in the process.