Sign off your Emails like a Pro

In an age where most of our communication is digital, it pays to make sure you have a great e-mail signature. Emails that have nothing at the bottom are just plain wrong!

Apart from anything else, an e-mail signature should give recipients all the information they need to get in touch with you without having to fish around for your contact details. It seriously saves irritation! But there’s lots more an email signature can do for you.

If you’re using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter then you’ll always be trying to get more likes, connections and followers. So put social media links in your e-mail signature and you’ll be inviting a whole load more people to engage with you.

If you’ve had some great stuff said about you – shout it out! You’ve worked hard to earn your feedback so why not place one of the best testimonials in your e-mail signature? You could change it every so often too to show your continuing popularity.

Fancy a nice new shiny email signature to show off to your contacts? Talk to us!

Your company number, VAT number and registered office address must be present in your email signature if you’re a registered company as well as other regulatory information for the professional sectors. Once you’ve got the legalities out of the way you can use the rest of the space for anything that you like! Special offers and discounts, announcements, awards … this is a place to advertise to a captive audience, so use it to your advantage!

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