Season’s Greetings. In January? You Bet!

Yes it’s January and no I’m not still suffering the after-effects of one too many Snowballs when I say Season’s Greetings. Actually, I just wanted to grab your attention.

Did it work? If it did, it’s because I’ve done something ‘out of season’. I know marketers always push Christmas as the time to be demonstrating gratitude and making gestures of goodwill to all who have been loyal over the past year, but personally I think it’s a time when a gesture could easily get lost in the deluge. If everyone’s doing it, how will you stand out?

I’m not saying it’s wrong to send Christmas cards or gifts to business contacts, I’m just saying a goodwill gesture is not just for Christmas! If you keep up the momentum throughout the year at appropriate times, you will stand out far more than the person who sends a card or a gift at a time when 200 others are doing the same thing.

Good Times for Goodwill

Happy New Year! Now there’s a good time to send a card, or even a small gift. Middle of January, everyone’s feeling a little deflated with the festivities over and the winter well and truly settled in, and summer holidays a dim light at the end of a very long tunnel. Cheer them up with a splash of joy in January!

Congratulations! Perhaps a client has won an award, or is celebrating a business anniversary. A congratulations card will go a long way towards showing you are thinking about them, and are proud of them.

Happy Birthday! Make a point of recording customers’ birthdays and they’ll be touched you remembered their special day.

Thank you. Maybe a contact has referred work to you, or you’ve been recommended by another client. Instead of a quick email, why not take the time to put down a few nice words in an attractive card, or send a thank you gift? It will show your appreciation, and the recipient will be more likely to repeat their recommendation in the future.

Keeping in touch with your customers and contacts on a regular basis is vital to ensure good relations are maintained. Make a habit of keeping this contact going throughout the year rather than just at the end of it, when everyone else is doing the same. There are plenty of opportunities, so jump on them!

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