Sarah Mac’s Top Three Great Things for your Business!

It’s not often I rave about things. In fact, I’m one of those very dubious types who will rarely recommend something. When I do find things that really change the way I work, I like to share them – so here goes with my top three great things for the small business!


I totally couldn’t work without this amazing cloud storage and sharing system. Not only does it negate the need to remember to run a back-up, it allows me to share entire file systems with my remote workers. Plus I can share folders, files or images via a weblink so it’s easy to get things to clients, designers, printers, etc. No email attachments, no confusion over which version of something is the right one.

Imagine being able to access your entire folder system of documents, images, designs, etc. from wherever you are, whatever device you’re using – and every change you make is automatically synced. It’s like Exchange server, without the price tag. And you can even undo mistakes – deleted something by accident? You can undo it in one simple step! Dropbox is free up to 2GB of space and then it’s really reasonable after that – plus you earn more space when people you share stuff with download Dropbox! Check it out:

You know when you find something that you think, how on earth did I ever do without this? MyOffice is just that. I was always a lifelong fan of Outlook Schedule, used it since I can remember Microsoft being invented. But it was only ever on my desktop PC. So when I was using the laptop in the evening or on holiday, or the iPad in a meeting, or wanted to see my appointments or tasks on my phone – totally impossible. Start talking to an IT person about your options when it comes to hosted Outlook, and it gets complicated, unless you’re a reasonable sized business with a big sized budget. Plus there are limitations, high monthly costs, etc. So my eyes lit up when I found out about MyOffice and I did the free month’s trial to see how it worked. Brilliant!

It looks pretty much like Outlook, has the diary, email, task lists and even has file storage too. I’m a massive user of the diary and have two running side by side, one of which my PA keeps updated with work stuff and we can both view and make changes that automatically update. It’s there on my PC, and syncs up online so when I go on the laptop, it’s all up to date – and I can use it via the iPad and iPhone apps too (there are apps for just about every device!). To have your diary with you wherever you go is priceless and I have to say, MyOffice is one of those things I could never do without, and it’s so reasonably priced too – a real deciding factor! As was the fact I could import all my appointments, tasks and contacts from Outlook – nice touch! See what you think:

TEP Wireless

I don’t know about you, but I tend to plan my holidays around where the WIFI is. Times I’ve had to say no to what looks like a stunning and well located hotel because either it doesn’t offer WIFI, or it’s charging some ridiculous amount of Euros per day for it. But now all that doesn’t matter – I can book whatever hotel or apartment takes my fancy – because TEP has come to my rescue. TEP is a pocket WIFI system that works off local 3G, but doesn’t charge you for 3G!

It’s a small phone-sized piece of equipment that you carry around in your pocket or handbag and every time you want to access the internet via your phone, iPad or laptop, it kicks in. It takes seconds to set up and I paid about £30 for two weeks in Spain for 1GB of data per day. It gets delivered to you just before you travel and when you’re back, you return it in the pre-paid envelope. WIFI in your pocket with no extortionate roaming charges – what could beat that?! Have a look:

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