Read all About it … Why News is Good for your Website

Everyone keeps telling you I’m sure that keeping your website up to date with fresh content works as a great boost to search engine rankings. This is true, and even more so now because of Google Panda.

A great way to keep your content fresh is to have a news section on your site, preferably one on a ‘content management system’ so you or your copy writer can access it as and when you want to publish updates.

Here are just some of the benefits of having a news section on your website:

Get More Coverage
Include references to trending media stories or people and quote key media influencers and it’s likely you’ll show up in searches for those stories. You can attract a wider audience this way and appear as an authority in your specialist subject. Sometimes the media might even get in touch to discuss your comment and you may get some coverage from it.

Get Brownie Points
Useful and up to date information earns you brownie points with Google via Google Panda, so you could see your search engine rankings improve by adding good quality news to your website on a regular basis.

Get in the Here and Now!
You’ve probably seen you can now refine searches within Google results so you only get the most recent stories. So, if you are publishing news on your site on a regular basis, people who only want to see recent information will be more likely to find you.

Get ‘Sticky’
A sticky site is one people want to return to, and spend time on. So adding industry news, company announcements and project reports –  providing they are well written and relevant – is a good move.

Get Shared!
And finally, here’s a good tip for you. When you post news on your website, make sure readers can easily share it through social networking sites so you get coverage on a wider range of platforms – and therefore a wider audience.

News sections on websites aren’t anything new, but the benefits of adding regular well written, informative posts are a lot more talked about now.

So if you haven’t got a news section on your website, ask for one! And if you can’t keep up with posting regular content, find a copy writer who can do it for you.

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