Pinterest and How to Use it for Your Business

Pinterest is one of the newer social networking sites that has exploded in popularity this year. It is best described as a digital pin board where you can collect and pin images to a series of boards. The idea is to gain plenty of followers and hope that they will re-pin images to spread the word.

As you might imagine, there has been a great deal of people using it as hobby, but can you make it work for you as a business? It certainly pays to try, because earlier this year, it was reported that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than all other social media sites combined.

When it was initially launched, Pinterest seemed to lend itself to more creative businesses where images and content were easy to produce and use. So for example fashion, jewellery, photography, furniture and cookery. But can you make Pinterest work if your company does not make or sell creative products? What happens if you sell vacuum cleaners for example?

Making Pinterest Work for Businesses

  • The key is to put a creative slant on your business. OK, so you sell vacuum cleaners, but can you pin images of your staff dressed up in fancy dress operating the vacuums? The quirkier or more humorous the images the more likely they’ll get picked up and pinned. Speak with your website designer about how you can use more creative images on your website.
  • Can you show off some great before and after type images which might promote you skills? Some industries this may work for include architects, building companies, gardeners or hairdressers.
  • Run competitions and interact with your other social media. Use your blog and / or Facebook to promote the rules and invite your followers and fans to enter.
  • Use client testimonials. Use images of faces with a testimonial in the pin’s description. Seeing people’s faces makes it easier for others to relate to a company and can be an effective way to share information about your brand.
  • Pin videos. If you use YouTube, it is very easy to pin videos to a board. Remember that to be effective, the videos need to be creative, informative, and quirky or evoke some emotion. They can’t just be a video promoting your latest products.
  • Turn customer case studies into engaging stories. Use pictures or images of your clients engaging with your product or service then develop a pin board that is devoted to customers.
  • Make it easy for others to share your content and images on your site by adding the Pinterest “pin” buttons to any page that has great photos or videos. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask your web designer how to add social media buttons to your website’s pages.
  • Create business event boards. If you’re attending a trade event or conference, blog about it before you go, then take lots of pictures whilst you’re there. Create a pin board and invite others that you meet to post to the board.

Pinterest is one of the more creative and quirkier social networking sites. You may not feel like it suits your business type, but it could be worth having a go as the amount of traffic and referrals back to your site could be huge.

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