How to Turn Your Blog into Easy Money.

If you’ve been happily blogging for a while now, you’ll already have reaped the benefits of increased exposure – but what if you want to take things a step further and actually start running your blog as a business in its own right? Read on for some top tips in turning your blog into an extra source of income.

Step one: Get Ranking & Attract Visitors

You need to make your blog a tempting offer for advertisers, so you’ll need to get it good rankings in the search engines. Optimising it just as you would a website, with relevant, strong keywords, is a must. Getting those visitor numbers up means you can charge a premium for advertising, and you’ll have more of a chance of earning out of advertising and affiliate programmes.

Step two: Sell yourself!

If you’re cornering a niche market with your blog, it won’t be long before advertisers come knocking on your door. For most blogs, however, it’s easier to use a programme such as Google AdSense, which allows you to choose a number of ads which match the content of your blog. When people click the ads, you get paid. It couldn’t be simpler!

Step three: Send people on

If you want to keep your website looking beautiful, affiliate marketing is the way to go. With this scheme, if you link to products on an affiliate website (for example,, when your visitors buy those products, you receive a sum of money for directing them.

Step four: Keep up the good work

Above all else, don’t let the regular updates fall by the wayside. The more brilliant content you produce, the more people will visit – and therefore, the more you’ll appeal to advertisers. Keep this up, and you’ll have yourself a successful money-making blog in no time.

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