How to Prevent your Website Users Shouting at their Screen!

A user friendly website layout is just as important as snappy design and engaging content. In short: make it so users of your website can find what they need without shouting at the screen! Here are some tips to follow for creating a website which is simple for your visitors to navigate.

Make It Visible

It’s no use having a professionally designed website that no one can read! Decent font sizes that work for the audience and short, attention-grabbing chunks of text will make for a browsing experience that’s easy on the eye.

Put the Links Together

The aim of the game for visitors to your website is getting the most info in the smallest number of clicks. List links to all your content in straightforward, simple ways and group items together by type.

Unless it’s to a document or external site, links opening in new windows is a big no-no – we all remember the days when pop-up ads reigned supreme, so it’s best to avoid bombarding your visitors with new windows and have all your links appear in the same window when clicked.

Keep It Fresh

Don’t make your website content look like a novel! Split it up with subheadings, pull quotes and at-a-glance lists to make it easier for the reader to scan.

Finally, the most important thing when it comes to creating a user friendly website is t listen carefully to visitor feedback and make adaptations as needed. After all, that’s what being user friendly is all about!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

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