How to Maximise Your Site’s Search-ability When Technology Shrinks

How to Maximise Your Site’s Search-ability When Technology ShrinksWe all know we don’t just browse the internet from our desktop PC or laptop anymore; we use phones and tablets. But is your website able to cope with the changing demands of consumer behaviour?  As technology shrinks in size how can you maximise your site’s search-ability?

Mobile Devices

Whilst content and links are considered to be the main aspects of SEO, for mobile optimisation it’s all about improving the user experience.

  • Keep navigation simple.  Navigating using a mobile is difficult especially if there are several sub-links within every link in the menu bar. Simple navigation increases consumer use-ability and speed of loading time.
  • Content. Keep content short and simple and make sure images are smaller.  Keep fonts clear and increase the size of direction buttons. Use Google Adwords that are specific to mobile devices to optimise your site.
  • Develop faster loading time. This is critical for mobile SEO! Don’t keep your visitor waiting or they’ll go elsewhere.
  • Visibility. Make sure your site clearly displays across all mobile screen sizes.

Tablet Devices

Making your website tablet-friendly means making it fast especially as they rely on Wi-Fi or 3G for connectivity.

  • No Flash.  Offering tablet-using visitors your website in classic and mobile versions gives flexibility.  Apple devices don’t support Flash content so if your website contains Flash, direct users to the mobile site
  •  Easy content navigation.  Again, keep content and navigation simple to avoid irritating the user by making them scroll through page after page of content.  “Previous” and “Next” buttons can help this process.
  • Sliding images. Users will get annoyed if every image they want to view opens a new screen or takes time to load. Let them get swiping instead, it’s what we’re all used to now!

Always remember your end goal of attracting, keeping and converting your visitors. How does your site measure up for the small screen?

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