How to get more Website Traffic!

You’ve invested in a fab website and you’re proud of it. Everywhere you turn, you’re being told you need to promote your new work of art. SEO campaigns, online PR – you’ve heard all the jargon and fair enough, they’re right – you do need to be doing a bit of everything. But everything doesn’t stop online – there are plenty of traditional ways of driving traffic to your website too – take a look at these for starters:

Brand your Merch!

The rule for this is: if you can fit your URL on it, it’ll do! Pens, notepads, erasers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, folders… You name it, you can brand your web address on it. The signage on your premises should be emblazoned with your website address too, for visitors and passing traffic.

Get People Moving

A great way to get people to go online is to offer them exclusive deals and prize giveaways for visiting your site. Mention these in your offline publications, and you’ll have more traffic in no time.

Free Stuff!

Gadgets, toys, keyrings, umbrellas … no one says no to free stuff! If you can give away some promotional gifts to your clients, staff and potential clients, make sure it’s got your web address on it and voilà – instant traffic.

Keep Printing

Offline advertising served us all well for ages before the internet – don’t give up on it now! Keep your print ads going in magazines and classifieds and display your website address with an exclusive offer code so you know how well the ad worked.

Even if you take on just some of these ideas, you’ll have yourself a diverse advertising campaign, covering both online and offline initiatives. Get creative, and you’ll have more visitors in no time!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

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