How to Choose a Great Website Starter Package

To keep those all-important search engines happy, you’ll need a website which is well built with plenty of unique, keyword-rich content. There are plenty of companies claiming to give you this all in the shape of a DIY package – but can they really?

Pre-designed DIY starter website packages can be found all over the place, but to avoid having a website which looks like it came off a conveyer belt, you’ll need to choose a company with experience and know-how. Flexibility, unique style and plenty of support are key in getting the web presence you need.

A content managed (CMS) website offers ultimate flexibility with your content. Regularly updated content will help you get those much revered rankings, so it pays to work with a company that appreciates the need for a unique approach and won’t sell you a package that comes with ‘industry specific content’ – content that countless competitors will all be using.

Of course, saving money is important, but don’t be fooled – it is possible to have an effective, attractive website without breaking the bank – honestly! Take a look at these website packages and we promise, they don’t come with the same content your competitors will be using, and if you need support, it’s here – direct from Chelmsford!

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