How to Avoid a Ranking Relegation by Google Panda

Google’s latest quality campaign – Google Panda – has sent numerous websites, even high profile ones, plummeting down the rankings. Even Microsoft’s shopping comparison site Ciao didn’t escape the wrath of the search engine sovereign.

Introduced earlier this year, Google Panda is one of the search engine’s biggest ever updates. Its aim? To improve the internet user experience.

Have you ever clicked through what looks like a promising search result, only to land on a website that doesn’t offer anything informative or relevant? It’s just full of endless sales messages, adverts and out of date material. And terrible English. Frustrating isn’t it? And this is exactly what Google is trying to outlaw – time waster websites.

How to Pacify the Panda

If you want your website to appear on the first or at least second page of search engine results then you’ll need to be on the right side of the Panda. Remember, only 1% of internet users bother to go beyond page 2 of the results. Here’s how:

  • Never take content from other places on the web. Google wants to see original, unique copy.
  • Don’t allow any spelling or grammar mistakes in your content because this immediately downgrades the quality score.
  • Make your website an interesting read, and keep your information relevant and up to date. When a visitor spends a good amount of time on your website, Google considers it a positive place to be.
  • Don’t repeat your key phrases several times over within your content and leave out the good stuff so that there’s no real substance to it. Make sure the information being delivered is useful.

Take time to make sure your website is an interesting, up to date, informative and relevant read, that way you’ll have the best chance of pacifying the Panda! Your website designer and a good copy writer will help you if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

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