How Google+ Can Be Good For Your Business

So you’ve set up a Facebook page and you’re posting regular updates, and you’ve mastered the art of Tweeting.  Does the idea of another social media platform fill you with dread?

Google+ launched just over a year ago and according to Wikipedia, as of June this year, has a total of 250 million registered users. Whilst Facebook still beats Google+ for things like awareness and advertising, it seems there is still huge potential for Google+ after being live for just one year.

Here are some of the reasons Google+ could be good for your business:

  • Circles: Google’s way of talking to different groups of people. You can effectively target your messages and posts to different groups of customers, meaning you can build deeper relationships with customers by sharing your thoughts, links, photos and promotions to the right people at the right time. And you can target in a number of different ways e.g. by location or interest.
  • Hangouts: Places for group video chats. As a business user, you can conduct meetings with customers, suppliers or colleagues. You can also host client tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Promote Yourself: By installing the G+ button onto your website, clients can link to your Google+ social page to find out more about your business. By adding the G+1 button, you can add the power of personal recommendation; customers will be able to share and start conversations about your business.
  • Integration with Google: Perhaps the biggest advantage of signing up to Google+ is the way it links to all of Google’s other products such as search or YouTube. This can only help to boost your branding and awareness. For example, Google+ Direct Connect allows anyone who searches for your business name and the “+” sign in Google to see your most recent posts and a preview of your profile right from the search page. This interaction also hugely helps with SEO, affecting your overall ranking in Google. Sites on Google+ tend to be indexed very quickly, +1 links may rank higher in search results and social connections may hold more importance than links.

So whilst you may groan under the necessity of using yet another social media platform, with such strong benefits – particularly the integration of Google, which let’s face it is going to be a dominating force for a while yet – the question really is, can you afford not to use Google+?

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