Google is Hungry for Fresh Content: What You Can Write About.

Google Panda was introduced a few months back and for the website owner, in a nutshell, it meant they needed to make sure their content was an informative, good quality read – fresh and up to date – if they wanted to reach the heady heights of the top ranked spots in Google.

I think everyone ‘gets’ it that to do well in Google now, you need to be adding new content to your website on a regular basis. But the thing that’s stopping this happening is they’re not quite sure what to add. So in the name of inspiration, here are a few ideas, and some tips to go with them, because we like to be helpful here!

Case Studies

It’s all very well telling your website visitors what you can do, but if they can see first hand evidence of it by way of a story and some photos, they’ll relate to it so much more readily. A case study allows you to demonstrate your expertise by explaining how you went about a project. Talk about how you got over any unexpected obstacles to show your flexibility and innovation and include quotes from your customer too. If you want you can describe the whole thing from their point of view, which often makes for a more compelling read that the visitor can engage with. Some good photos, before and after shots if appropriate – and during too if you want to show the way you work – are vital in a case study.


This is your chance to tell the world what you think, share news and views and offer helpful advice. Make it a diary of your experiences as you run your business if you like, or a place where you show what you know. Blogs are chatty, informal places where you can show your personality. People can get to know you and engage with you here, and sometimes blogs even end up as best selling books or even blockbuster movies!


Whether it’s news from within your company, perhaps about new staff, big contracts won or awards achieved; or news about your industry that could affect your website visitors, reporting it on your website is a good move, especially if it’s something highly topical that’s made the national press, because your piece could get picked up due to the increased interest in that particular subject. Pass comment on a statement made by someone well known or who is ‘trending’, or share your views on something controversial, and you could well get picked up by the media and interviewed. Hello world!

Enough to be getting on with? Of course, if you don’t have time for all this, you could always hire a copy writer to do it for you. And if they offer a media monitoring service too, that means they’ll be able to keep on top of everything that’s happening in your industry on your behalf. Think about it!

Google is hungry for your content!

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