Does your Website Work on ALL Browsers?

Ever tried using a SIM card of one mobile network provider in the phone of another? Compatibility can stand in the way of many things, but luckily website design doesn’t have to be one of them.

Making sure your website works across all browser platforms (eg Google Chrome, Firefox etc) is important but not complicated and it’s part of the standard service here at Ford HQ. Here’s how we make sure your visitors can access your website no matter what:

Performance: Check

First of all, we run your website through a special programme to see how it looks across all the different browser platforms. This is a great way of seeing things through visitors’ eyes in order to fix any potential problems.

Validation: Check

Validation helps us check whether the pages on your website conform to the norms required by certain organisations. This is needed to make sure your page shows up OK in the search engines, as well as through different web browsers.

Mobile Ready: Check

Your website needs to be available to visitors wherever they go so that means working on browsers like Safari, and being mobile friendly too. Most people browse websites on the go nowadays, and if you really want to widen your audience, we can create a mobile compatible version of your website for you. We can also develop an app for you too – why not go the whole hog and please all the people all the time?!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

At Yellow Duck, we do what we love. For the last 6 years, we start every day with a very simple goal. To talk with each of our clients to discover what they need, to use our experience to find the solution that is right for them and to always improve and innovate in the process.