Building Up Your Website Content

Having a website that looks good is of course important, but it’s no longer enough. Web Designers also now need to remember that good quality content on a website is vitally important. The reason for this is that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) depends upon it. For search engines to provide the most relevant results for any search query, they need to make sure that the results that they provide are relevant.

One of the key indicators that a site is relevant is the content on that site. If you were to search online for “handmade jewellery, London”, your site is more likely to appear nearer the top of the results page if you have a lot of content on your site relating to these keywords. Not only that, but the search engine spiders which crawl and frequently check sites, look favourably upon sites which are regularly updated. Finally, let’s not forget the user. Quality content that is regularly updated will ensure that the user will return again and again to your website.

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These ducks return to our site on a regular basis, see how happy they are.

A good website designer will consider the issues of SEO when building a site. They will consider the importance of incorporating quality copy in key areas within the site.

However, once your web agency or designer has finished building your site, the content process does not stop there. In fact it’s vital that you continue to build your website content frequently in order to please the search engine spiders. So, other than the basic text on your site, how else can you build content?

  • Blogs. These are becoming common practice amongst companies who depend hugely upon their website to get them enquiries and sales. It doesn’t have to read like a personal journal; it simply allows you to give more information about your company and your products and services. A blog can help to give customers more insight into your business and industry.
  • P.R. or Industry News – Have a page relating to what’s happening in the industry or dedicate a page to any promotional work that you have done.
  • If your business or industry lends itself to it, you can have links to reports or white papers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – This is a good way to build content and acts as a good customer service tool too.
  • Whilst written content is the main ingredient, using other content does help too. Think about things like video, images, online magazines or e-brochures.

You can probably think of some other ideas too. The important thing both from a customer and search engine point of view, is to continue to build the content on your website on a regular basis.

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