Boost Website Sales – Make Sure Visitors Trust your Site.

Have you ever wondered why, when your website is attracting large numbers of visitors, you’re not getting many sales?

Your SEO campaign has borne fruit and you’re ranking well for all your major key phrases. Your Analytics tell you several hundred visitors are landing on your site every month. But your order book tells a very different story.

Sound familiar? Websites that don’t convert visitors into sales are fairly commonplace. The most usual reason? The site fails to inspire trust.

If you are going to spend money – and part with your personal details and credit card number – you absolutely have to feel safe. If you don’t, you’ll go elsewhere.

So how do you make your own visitors feel safe and secure enough to buy from your website? Here are a few tips that could make all the difference.

1. Prove your existence as a bona fide business!

Don’t make visitors think you have something to hide. If they can see you are happy to show where you are based, they will instantly trust you more. So on every page of your website, say in the footer area, include your address. Not a PO Box – a physical address. And if you’re a limited company, include your company registration number too to add weight to your credentials and traceability.

2. Show that other people have bought from you – and rated you!

Have an up to date feed showing testimonials from satisfied customers. Put dates on each entry and make sure they are added frequently. Plus show new customers that they can rate you too; this shows you are confident in your service and products.

3. Offer guarantees

If a visitor thinks their investment is safe, they’ll be more likely to buy from you. So consider offering money-back or satisfaction guarantees so customers know they have recourse should they not be happy for any reason.

4. Prove it’s safe to buy through your website

Explain in your content how you deal with secure transactions. Detail how you take care to ensure the safety of personal data and card information. Make a big thing of proving your commitment to security.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to see your visitor to sale conversion rate increase.

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

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