Boost Profits the Easy Way: Sell More to Existing Customers!

How many times have you heard someone say how much easier and cheaper it is to sell more to existing customers than to pursue new business?

It’s true. Think about how much you spend on attracting new customers. SEO, Adwords, media advertising, direct mail, leaflet drops, exhibitions and events: all costly exercises. If they’re bringing you a return then that’s great news. But what if you could boost your sales without spending very much at all on marketing? Well you can, and you’ll see your profit margin grow as a result.

“I didn’t know you did that” is a common customer expression, especially if you sell services rather than products. So that’s the first thing to do: make sure your customers are aware of your full range of services.

On a spreadsheet, list everything you do across the top row. Next, list all your customers down the first column. Now work across and identify which customers use which service. Lots of gaps? Work on filling them! Next time you speak to or meet with a customer, tell them what else you can do for them. Show them what you did for another customer and chances are they’ll say, “I want that!”

Regular email bulletins and newsletters are another way to make your customers aware of your full range of services. If you really want to tempt them, you could run a limited period special offer, or a free trial.

And my final suggestion: show them what you can do! Hold a demonstration or awareness day, or run a seminar for your customers. That way you’ll be adding value to your service, and you’ll get to do some networking too amongst your customers, which they will truly appreciate!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

At Yellow Duck, we do what we love. For the last 6 years, we start every day with a very simple goal. To talk with each of our clients to discover what they need, to use our experience to find the solution that is right for them and to always improve and innovate in the process.