Blogging Brings Big Benefits!

Blogging: everyone’s talking about it. It seems like the world and his wife are writing blogs these days, and on every topic under the sun! So what’s the big deal? Well, for your business, it could be a big deal indeed. And this little blog piece here (!) shows you exactly what those benefits could be.

1. Build your reputation!

Posting regular blogs is a great way of building a reputation. It shows your website is up-to-date, and it also proves you’ve got your finger on the pulse: everyone’s reading blogs nowadays, and it’s a great way (and a very 21st-century way) of connecting with your audience.

2. Engage!

Your blog is a great way to share those little hints or tips relevant to your industry and by doing so engage with your audience. Found something useful in a shop or online that people will appreciate? Had an experience that you’ve learnt from and others could too? Share it! And remember that including popular keywords will really help boost your SEO.

3. Find your voice!

Blogging is a great way to find your company tone – be that casual and chatty, authoritative and dependable, or however else you want to be portrayed to your clients. With the help of an online copywriter, you can develop a voice which can be used across all platforms and will help develop brand loyalty.

4. Get Noticed!

An endearing, interesting or even controversial blog could get you noticed by the media. It’s a well documented fact that some blogs have made it to regular media columns, best selling books and even feature films! Approach your blog with a unique edge and you’re sure to get noticed.

And how to get your blog out there? Well, that’s the easy part: make sure it’s advertised on your website and on social media sites; email it to your contacts and include is on newsletters; post it on forums, put it at the bottom of your email signature, ask guest bloggers to post for you, put a video diary on YouTube……the list is endless when it comes to blogging! Go on, start shouting from the roof tops…..or at least getting your name out there via a blog!

About the author:

The Yellow Duck Team

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