Are you LinkedIn?

In September, LinkedIn announced it had reached over 10 million members in the UK.

The network was launched in 2003 and is now considered to be the largest professional network in the world. There are over 10 million people who use LinkedIn worldwide across over 100 industries from medical experts, business consultants and teachers to beauticians and plumbers.

7 Reasons to Join the Network

Why join LinkedIn?

  1. Connect with colleagues. LinkedIn allows you to easily connect with current and past colleagues so you can keep up with where they are now ñ you never know, they may be able to introduce you to a new employer or business contact.
  2. Boost your online profile. As your connections grow, your profile becomes increasingly visible to others. The more connections you have, the higher your position becomes within the search results of LinkedIn. This is great for those people searching to do business with or employ someone. Additionally, many people would rather work with someone who their friends or contacts know and trust.
  3. Promote your company. LinkedIn allows you to compile a company profile as well as an individual profile. This will increase your company’s online presence and work as a marketing tool as well as a networking initiative for those looking for new employees or contractors.
  4. Join a group and extend your reach. By joining a relevant group you can potentially reach thousands of new contacts. LinkedIn now features 8,000 active UK groups where you can share content, engage in discussions and share your content and knowledge. It lets you communicate with a highly targeted audience.
  5. Improve SEO. LinkedIn has a high Page Rank in Google and is therefore a good way to promote your search engine profile. You can promote your company, website or blog from your profile and by including links to your website, you’ll gain valuable links.
  6. Advertise or find jobs. LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for those both looking for and looking to fill situations vacant. It is used regularly by head hunters and employment agencies who want to find specialised staff and is a great way to find receptive and targeted potential employees.
  7. Acts as a specialised forum. LinkedIn has a feature called ìLinkedIn Answers’ that allows you to discover answers from other members. You can post business-related questions and get answers from others that are closely involved in your industry. It’s a great support network.
LinkedIn standard networking image

These folks have “obviously” all benefitted from LinkedIn networking, look how happy they are!

Whilst Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have many more members thank LinkedIn, four out of five UK professionals are members of the network. If you are a professional or if you own your own business, can you really afford not to be LinkedIn?

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