There is no place like home!

Sometimes just by looking back on the road you’ve travelled, you get to understand the extent of how much you’ve achieved.

7 years ago, Ollie Ford went from freelancing to setting up an modest company to offer web development and design to small business in Essex.

In 2016, we are a 6 strong team offering our ever-expanding skillset to any company or professional in need of a straight forward digital solution. We have grown to find our own voice and we’ve changed from undertaking small scope websites to giving Old Street a run for their money. We now cater for all kind of clients, from professionals looking to showcase their work to FTSE 100 international corporations. All that happens when like-minded people find a common goal and fight to see it through.

And we do it from a farm 10 minutes from Chelmsford.

It is crazy!



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I myself, started working for Ollie Ford & Co after doing freelancing in London. The lessons and experiences I took from it were invaluable, but there was always an overwhelming feeling that the fast-paced “work hard, play hard” approach to projects wasn’t letting me become a better professional.

I wanted to be on the front-line, not in the trenches, putting my skills on the table and breaking ground. I realised that the most important part of this job is to communicate your skills in a way that each client can understand those details that make all the difference, so they can be sure they are making the most sensible solution in every step they take.

And finally, I feel we are 100% capable of doing just that on every job we undertake.

There is nothing more exciting for us that the feeling that you are working everyday at helping businesses reach their full potential.

The road ahead is never straight forward but the journey is always worth it.

About the author:

Rubén Madila

With an eager eye for all things digital and a passion for creating, the web was the only place for Rubén to achieve his career ambitions. After training and working in a wide range of companies across London, he decided that the only way of doing the best possible job is to work directly with the client to produce the best results.