A Guide to Choosing a Website Domain Name

If you’re starting out in business, you may think that choosing a website domain name will be an obvious matter: one that reflects your company name! And whilst this a fair consideration, there are several things you should think about before you instruct your web design agency to register a domain name.

1. Ensure your domain name is unique. There is nothing worse than having your website confused with someone else’s. If something similar already exists, it’s not a good idea to use the plural or a hyphenated version as this could lead to visitor confusion.

2. If your business doesn’t have a name yet or your preferred domain name has already been taken, you can start by researching keywords. Have several terms in mind that best describe your business and then play around by adding prefixes or suffixes.

3. Make it easy to remember and beware of acronyms. You need your website domain to be easily remembered, but at the same time if your company name is long, you need to be careful about using acronyms. If it’s harder for your customer to remember to type in TVFMC rather than The Very Famous Mortgage Company, you may be better off using the longer version.

4. Keep the name short and obvious to what you do. Shorter names are easier to remember and easy for branding across all marketing initiatives. Everyone knows what Autotrader.co.uk stands for. Amazon now has a huge international presence, but when they first launched they would have had a harder task at branding and conveying what they did.

5. Consider whether to use dot com or dot co dot uk. If your business deals only in the UK, you may want to opt for the local domain name as some customers positively prefer to work with local businesses. If you have international clients or may deal internationally in the future, you might be better to opt for the dot com version.

6. Avoid copyright infringement. This can kill off a budding business and a domain name, so be sure to check online or ask your website designer to check for you to make sure that you are not infringing on anyone else’s copyright with your domain name.

Whilst your domain name may seem like an obvious choice to you, be sure to carry out plenty of research first. After all, you hope that your business and domain name will be around for a long while to come. Ignore faddy names: your website domain name should reflect the brand values of your business.

Contact a reputable website designer for help with choosing a domain name and any other queries that you have in setting up your website.

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