8 Tips for Marketing Your Affiliate Programme

A great way to sell more products and services is through the people that already love them. If your customers are happy to refer you, then why not make it worth their while to really go for it?

An affiliate programme will allow you to do just that by offering commission on every sale. But it’s no good just letting people sign up to your programme and then leaving them to get on with it. You have to help them sell your stuff. And you need to tell people that you’re running a programme too.

Here are our 8 top tips for marketing your affiliate programme so you get the most out of your sales force:

  1. Tell people you have a programme! Advertise the fact on your website with a call to action and link to a compelling sign-up page. Talk about it on your blog and social media too.
  2. Send reminders. People need to read something 3-4 times before they’ll take action, that’s a fact. So keep pushing the programme out through your newsletters and social media posts. You could also put a call to action in your email footer.
  3. Be supportive. Once they’ve signed up make it easy for your affiliates to sell your stuff. Give them great copy and creative material in a choice of formats and sizes and make their job as easy as possible. The less work they have to do to earn rewards, the better.
  4. Keep it fresh. Consider seasonal promotions, update the creative material you’re pushing out to keep affiliates interested, and to keep their potential customers on the boil too.
  5. Offer incentives. Maintain interest and encourage competitiveness with incentives and initiatives like contests.
  6. Be rewarding. Think about what you’re offering your affiliates rewards wise. Research the market; what do your competitors offer and how do you compare? Always make sure you pay your affiliates on time.
  7. Keep communication channels open. Be available for support and keep affiliates informed of news within your company that may benefit their potential customers and boost sales. Consider setting up a dedicated affiliates email newsletter.
  8. Make use of testimonials from previous affiliates. If people see that someone else is benefiting, they may want a piece of the action too!
Affiliate Programmes

Be supportive to your affiliates and you’ll both feel the positives.

In summary, the best way to make your affiliate programme work is to make it easy and worthwhile for affiliates to sell your products or services. Provide them with all the tools they need such as advertising banners and compelling copy, be supportive and keep in touch with them and you’ll have a seriously incentivised sales force at your disposal!

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