5 Benefits of Using Tumblr for Your Business

You may well groan at the thought of using yet another social media tool, but there’s no doubt that Tumblr has some key benefits which can be useful to your business, especially when working together with other social media sites and web analytics. Your web design agency can help you out so get them on board too.

Tumblr is a blogging platform for people, businesses and brands. It also acts as a social media network whereby people can quickly and easily share all sorts of content: images, video, audio and short pieces of writing.

Tumblr posts need only contain 250 words, so they’re ideal for those who like to keep things succinct. You can search for posts on topics that interest you and follow the authors so Tumblr is a great way to source content and network with like-minded people.

Tumblr is second only to Facebook in terms of engagement and the amount of time that people spend on the site.



The Benefits

  1. SEO Boost. Unlike Facebook posts, Tumblr blogs can be found and accessed directly from the web. The content gets indexed by search engines, which can help your visibility and rankings. As a Tumblr member, you can also collect content and then re-post it and this again also helps web traffic and SEO.
  2. Use a Custom Domain Name. You can have a customised domain name for your Tumblr blog which means you can use it as a fairly limited functioning website or as a primary blog for your business. Your web design agency can give you more advice about this.
  3. Optimised for Mobile. If your existing website isn’t easy for mobile users to use or navigate and you don’t yet have the time or the resources to spend optimising it for mobile, a Tumblr blog will help to give you a mobile presence. Your website designer can tell you more about this.
  4. Interlink with Google Analytics. You can monitor and analyse your traffic to your Tumblr blog using Google Analytics.
  5. Tumblr is Completely Free! No initial outlay is needed and it offers some good designs for your blogs.

50% of Tumblr users are aged 25 or younger, so if your business targets this group, Tumblr could be worthwhile pursuing. However even if your business doesn’t deal with the youth market, the benefits that Tumblr provides with regards to search visibility, mobile friendliness and general popularity online could still make this one social media site worth experimenting with.

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